Android vs Apple

So today a customer asked me the major difference between Android and Apple.  I literally had to sit there for a moment to figure out how to answer her without being bias.  So this bought me to my topic of the day.  What do you prefer?  Android or Apple?  Why?  Remember this is a discussion, no right or wrong answers and respect the opinions of others.


For me I prefer the Android devices.  I honestly don’t have anything against apple products, I just feel they don’t do the things I need to do on a daily basis.  Plus my android comes (Note 3) comes with a stylus that makes it easy to edit photos.  I like the camera better on most of the Android devices and I like the freedom to edit basic things on my phone.  Like what?  I don’t use the standard text messenger, nor the standard keyboard.  I like to personalize my phone off of my needs.  With the iPhone it’s nearly impossible to personalize to the extent that I do unless of course it’s jail broken, then your voiding out the warranty.

When I look at it and really think about it, it’s just the ease of using the phone.  I do know that sometimes it’s the other way around for others.  Like I said, I have nothing against Apple, it just doesn’t work for me.  I will say this, they are doing a bit better with the new phones.  However, I’m sticking with the Android.


So what about you?  Are you Android or Apple?

One thought on “Android vs Apple

  1. I think its based on personal preference. Me, personally I prefer both. I have both android and apple products. They both take care of my needs. Like you, MaShawn I have a note 3 also and I love it because it allows me to write on it. But apple products allows me to put my books on Itunes.

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