A Woman’s Worth, part 2

Today I saw something that was, what’s the current term, rachet. (Their word, not mine, but it fit) Throughout the years there has always been loose women willing to do any and everybody. Then you have the ones that are so desperate they settle for anything.

I need you to help me with this. You’re in a relationship with someone you live with. She’s in a relationship with someone in jail. He’s married. All have a minimum of two kids. All 3 work together. Now you’re showing just how unlady like you really are by fighting, physically, over the married man who won’t be leaving his wife for either of you. Why? Why? Again why?

Then I hear another woman all excited because her boyfriend have her money instead of flying to see her or flying her out. Ummmmm…..side piece? The other woman? And that’s okay with you?

Women, it’s time for you to know your worth. To stand up for what you know you deserve. Don’t settle for something or a piece of something. I totally understand the need to be worth someone, to share the special bond with, but at what cost to you.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of compromise if it’s an equal balance. However, if I’m the ONLY one giving and losing more and more of me, that’s a no no.

If you could see my face when I say this you’d be like dang, she’s serious about that. And yes I am. YOU WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT catch me fighting over a married man, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally. Yea, that will not happen. EVER!

Yes, those that know me know I’m a flirt, (I’m a Sagittarius after all!) but that’s as far as it goes. I not celebrate all these holidays, but I will not be your side chick while you’re spending time with your wife. Again, no.

Another thing, stop trying to teach a man how to be a man. Especially when they are not trying. I understand there maybe a few circumstances where it is acceptable. For the most part they are just not ready. I’ll teach you about me and what I like as we get to know each other, but I’m not going to sit here and teach you how to be a man. A real man.
You want to be treated like a lady, then you act like a lady. You present yourself as a lady. If you present yourself as, how do they say it, a THOT, expect to get treated as such. Women, get it together. I leave you with a question a poet asked in his piece “Perfect Man Robot 2.0”. “If you found the perfect man, would the perfect man want you?”

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