Why did I become a photographer?  Sure I can give you the same answer everyone always gives.  They do it for the money.  True enough the money in photography is pretty good.  It even gets better the better I get and the more I learn.
However, the real reason I became a photographer?  I love taking pictures.  I’ve literally been taking pictures since I was in middle school.  I’ve always had a camera in my hand.  I have so many photo albums because I was always taking pictures.  I believe that our future generations should be able to look back at our life and not only read about how we lived, but also see how we lived, dressed and the works.  There’s nothing better than being able to look back and be able to visualize what life was like.

Late down the years, I would take pictures at weddings, parties and other events and people would always tell me that my pictures look as good or better than the photographer’s pictures that they hired for the event.  So that caused me to look back at my pictures and realized that I really did take some good pictures.  (Not bragging or anything)

Now, I can see where not only am I creating my own memories for my family, but I’m helping others create their memories as well.  I also see where it helps build confidence in the people and show them they are beautiful.

Those are just a few of the reasons I became a photographer.  I love what I do.  I love helping others create memories and build confidence.  What do you do?  Why do you do it?

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