Do you know what the RSVP etiquette is?  Do you RSVP properly?  Over the last year I’ve noticed some things that were a bit disturbing.  You make plans to do something, then you either don’t show up and/or you don’t let the other person know.  Or worse, you show up and didn’t tell them you would make it.

Do you know why people send invites and request you to RSVP?  Or to reserve your spot?  It’s actually quite simple.  It’s the head count for whatever event they are holding.  When you say “Yes I’ll be there.” you are counted for many things.  Could be for food, workbooks, giveaways, or just seating.

I’m a very firm believer of letting your yes mean yes, not your yes mean no.  You don’t understand how that reflects on your brand.  Your brand is not just for business, but for your personal life too.  You are your brand.  When you make plans to do something with and/or for someone, you should follow through.

There’s nothing worse then doing business or planning events around people that think it’s okay RSVP and not show or to not RSVP and show up. Yes, I understand completely that there are unforeseen occurrences that may befall us. Those are understandable. However, let’s take a moment and discuss something that you have no control over verses those that you do have control over.

Something you may not have control over is a health issue, your job, in some cases the weather. Things that YOU control would be double booking events, not using your calender, want to do something else.

When you give your word, do everything in your power to keep your word. If you RSVP yes and can’t go, let them know. If you don’t RSVP or RSVP no, than realize you can make it, let your host know. That simple.

What are your best practices with RSVP? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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