My Pet Peeve

​So, I think it’s a tie when it comes to this one. Rudeness and Nastiness. 

Being rude is all the way unacceptable. I don’t know any reason it’s okay to be rude. Yes, I’ve done it, but I caught myself. Sometimes I was able  to go back and apologize. In general, I do everything I can to not be rude. It’s not cool, sexy or fun. Oh you’re not rude, just being real? Real doesn’t equal rude. Check your handbook again. What really erks me is the ones that just got out church saying they love all people and are the first ones to be rude or just plain nasty. 
When I say nasty, I’m not talking and hiegene and stuff. I’m talking about a nasty attitude. A person can be rude and not nasty. A nasty attitude is just that. You know the one that has a problem with everythang. Yes thang not thing. LOL Then that person always has a scowl or smirk like they’re doing something. Rolling eyes and all.  
I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to be either. I get it, you’re having an awful day, week, month or even year. What are you doing to change it? I understand you lost a loved one, got fired and evicted in a short time span. Still, I didn’t do it, they didn’t do it. It’s still not a reason to be rude or nasty to someone. 
That’s my biggest pet peeve. What’s yours?

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