Internet Challenges

Why take on a challenge? Over the years there has been many challenges to partake in. Sure, some I did, others, well, no.
Many wonder about these challenges, where they start at, why do them. We’ll talk a bit later about some specific ones. Right now lets discuss the why, the who and where they come from.
Why do the challenges and record it? The simple answer is that it’s just fun. Yet that’s not the only reason. Many times the challenges are for a cause, to bring awareness to a cause. So sometimes you may see a challenge like the ASL Ice Bucket challenge where they may not be making money or getting donations, but it’s making people aware of the illness. How many of you looked up ASL before doing the challenge? Or if you didn’t do the challenge looked it up to see what it was?  Some awareness may be more subtle like the “Pretty Face Challenge” which was bringing up self esteem. Like I stated before, some challenges are just for fun like the new “Mannequin Challenge”.  So think about it. What are YOU passionate about? Can you create a fun challenge and have it go viral?

Who creates these challenges?  That’s very simple, ANYONE can. Yes, Y-O-U can create a challenge.  A number of challenges you see are by groups or organizations that support various causes.

Where do they come from?  They come from all around the world.  It just depends on if you have the following for it to go viral.  It doesn’t matter where you are, just keep it simple and fun.  One caution, don’t make it dangerous.  Dangerous?  Yes, dangerous.  There have been a number of dangerous ones that really didn’t have a purpose either.  Why endanger yourself or others for fun?  Some examples include the fire challenge and the breathing challenge.  Some have caused people their lives.  So err on the side of caution and keep it simple and safe.

Now, the fun part.  What are some of the challenges?  As mentioned already the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, Pretty Face Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge. The ASL challenge I didn’t do.  I just couldn’t find it in myself to pour a bucket of ice on myself.  Uh, no.  However it was fun to watch and bring awareness to a great cause.  The Mannequin challenge I did at work and that was pretty fun.  One I try to do every year is the 30 Day  “Poem A Day” challenge in April.  Some years I do good others like this year, not so much.  Still I love that one.  Another one I normally do every other year is the Photo A Day challenge where you take a photo everyday for 365 days.  This year was also rough with my 52 Book Challenge.  A new challenge that I just saw online today was “Andy’s Coming”.  It’s simple, just falling on the floor at the same time that’s made for large groups.

So you can see there are many challenges out there and for many reasons.  They can be for individuals or groups large and small.  Any challenge that you choose participate in should be fun and safe.  That’s what will draw your challenge in to others.  If you have a unique challenge you’d like to go viral then share it here and let’s make it happen.

What challenges have you been a part of?  Or if you don’t participate, why?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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