Celebrity Crush

Celebrity Crush….

We all have them.  Secretly or privately almost all of us have a celebrity crush.  Some of us have more than one.  Seriously, what fun would it be to just have ONE?  Some of them may have changed for us over the years depending on what happened or how our viewpoint simply changed.

I will share who my crushes are.  🙂

  • LL Cool J — He’s been on my crush list since he came out way back when.  I think one of the things that kept him there is his personality.  I’m sure he has his share of drama or issues, but we don’t hear about them.
  • Morris Chestnut — I have loved him from day one.  From the first day I saw that dazzling smile.  One of the things that drew me even closer is the way he always connects with this fans.  Yes, I’m sure technology has made it a bit easier, but he does it anyway.
  • Shemar Moore — I mean who can resist baby boy?  Say what you must, but he’ll always (for now) have a spot with me.  No I didn’t watch Young & Restless, but I did watch everything else.
  • Ludacris — Always been a fan.  I think what drew me to him was he took a sick  high school student to their prom.  That just warmed my heart.  Yes, most celebrities have their own charities, but this one pulled at my heart strings.
  • George Clooney — He’s one of those that age like fine wine.  The older he gets be finer he looks.  Plus he’s a great actor.

So there are my top five celebrity crushes.  Who makes your list?  I’m eager to see.


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