“Dream It List It” The Beginning

Dream It List it…..March

About 8 years ago I purchased a book called “Dream It List It” by Lia Steakley.  I shared some of the list and some of the items in the list.  I plan to do that again.  The purpose?  To better yourself as a person.  For instance, January list is titled “Understand Myself.”  Most of us crave to not just understand others, but understand ourselves.  No I won’t post the entire list, but some of it.  YOU choose some of the stuff on the list (or all if you choose to) to work on improving or completing for the month.  Yes, I’ll only post it once a month on the first.  That gives you a month to work on it prior to moving on to the next one.  I loved it the first time around.  I’m looking forward to this time as well.  Please share your progress with me.  I’d love to know it works for you!!!!  Be sure to include serious and fun goals on your list.  Again, you don’t have to do EVERY item posted, but choose the ones that pertain to YOU as an individual.


  • Admit when I’m lying to myself.  (Easier said than done right?
  • Figure out what makes me truly happy
  • Believe in myself
  • Identify my strengths
  • Remind myself daily that I matter (Yes, you truly do matter!)
  • Write in a mood diary
  • Figure out why I procrastinate
  • Find my passions
  • Take 365 Days of self portraits (Ya’ll know you love those selfies!)
  • Define my core values (What makes you, you)
  • Understand my parents
  • Love myself
  • Trace my family tree back at least six generations
  • Decide for myself what is normal and what is not
  • Be proud of myself
  • Define my likes and dislikes
  • Write down my thoughts (Journal, poetry, music, etc…)
  • Understand my fears
  • Accept myself
  • Figure out what motivates me
  • Take a personality test
  • Choose a theme song for myself (I have a few)
  • Know when to stand my ground, when to let things slide, and when to meet halfway
  • Better understand my limitations
  • Recognize how my words affect others
  • Understand that some things are beyond my control
  • Eliminate the stuff from my life that doesn’t fulfill me spiritually, emotionally or creatively
  • Compile a list of 100 facts about myself (Ummmmmm I’ve already started my list)

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