This was actually harder than I first thought, still I was up for the challenge!!!

1. Love martial art movies
2. Love baking when time allows
3. Enjoy teaching and training
4. Love kids, but don’t want to have any, maybe I’ll adopt
5. Enjoy playing board games
6. Hate packing, but love unpacking
7. Enjoy history…..especially when seeing how it connects to religion
8. Don’t care for clothes and food shopping rather shop for gadgets
9. Enjoy putting furniture together
10. Enjoy crafting
11. Don’t like most reality shows
12. I play the old school Nintendo games
13. I get motion sickness in a car more than 2 hours long. That’s why I sleep or drive
14. I’m a die hard football fan (Dallas Cowboys & Atlanta Falcons)
15. Love the rain (real rain, not the white noise rain)
16. Love going to school
17. I am co founder and president of a book club (SBS Book Club)
18. I am a movieholic
19. Like to have pictures hanging
20. Like to dance even though I can’t. Lol
21. I like getting stuffed animals
22. I’m very shy, but working on being an extrovert
23. Enjoy challenging myself
24. I set realistic yearly goals that I work on daily
25. My inspiration comes from life
26. Make me mad, you just might end up in a book, and not in a good way. LOL
27. I enjoy giving back
28. I absolutely love running my own businesses
29. Enjoys adopting a solider in order to support them on their missions.
30. Have published 8 books. “A Piece Of Me”, “Sexual Seduction”, “Road of Emotions”, “Lustful Passion”, “Tales Of A Trio”, “Seductive Pleasures”, “Best Of Both Worlds”, and “Captivated Moments”

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