“Standing By You”

The things I want to say

Want to do

Can’t fully be expressed by words

The hurt

The disappointment is real

You say the struggle is real

I’ll take the struggle any day

Over this indescribable feeling

Emotions that plague 

The brain

The heart

Can I just scream

Will the emotions away again

Push them to the back

Act like they’re not there


Every single day

Another chip falls off

More pain

Less caring

More heartache

Less love

Causing Steel 

Or acid to form

Making me feel more alone

Feeling alone but not lonely

Who to lean on

Where to go

No one understands

No one cares

Still here I am

Standing by you

Trying to love

Trying to care

Deep down I cry for me

While smiling for you

All because I still value you

Every day I switch roles

Step up to the plate

Simply because 

It’s not always about me

Denying myself

When in reality

I need to deny you

Time to ride solo

Time to refill my cup

To pour into me

I can no longer give to you

To pour into you

Until I’m fed and recharged

Today is your turn

Stand by me
“Quiet Storm” © June 2017

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