Photography Tips part 2

6. Always look for candid shots.

Looking for candid shots can actually provide you with more opportunities of taking the best shots. When you check out different photos, you will find that some of the best ones are those that are taken without the subjects looking at the camera. Capture scenes where people are doing their usual things, and you will see how natural it would become.

This is by far my favorite tip. Candid photos are my favorite. There’s nothing like getting that loving look between couples, or that cute giggle of a child. Those really do make some of the best photos. Even when I’m doing headshots, it’s almost always one candid fun picture included with that. The smile of the client when they see it is totally worth it. The one and only thing I have to warn about, know the venue rules if it’s not your personal studio. You don’t want to break a rule or offend your client. You most definitely don’t want to embarrass your client by taking pictures where they don’t want them or it’s personal. My best practice is to ask the client is there anything that can’t be done.

7. Make use of UV filters on the front of your camera lenses.

UV filters can provide your camera with the protection that it needs, in order to stay in top condition. Place the filters in front of your camera lenses, so that your lenses would be protected from scrapes or knocks. With that, you can be assured that your lenses last longer.

I found this to be useful by accident when I first started. Good lenses are expensive and we definitely want them to last as long as possible.

8. Buy different lenses and swap with a fellow photography enthusiast to save money.

Camera lenses are quite expensive these days; and, having a good number of them would offer you more when it comes to taking pictures. However, if you want to save on cost, then find a friend who has the same brand of camera that you have. Aside from that, have an agreement with him in purchasing different lenses, so that you can simply swap lenses whenever you need to.

Please make sure you put your agreement into writing. Never go based off word. While word is bond for some, others take it lightly. Hate for you to be out of money because someone doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain.

9. Use a remote if you still get blurred shots even with the use of a tripod.

Even with the use of a tripod, there is still a possibility that you would get blurred shots. This can be due to the way you press the shutter button, in taking the pictures. To get around that, all you actually need to have is a remote. Aside from that, you can also make use of your camera’s delay timer.

I’ve found this to be very useful. I can be a bit heavy handed sometimes and even with the tripod I tend to shake it a bit and get some blur. It also allows you to step back a little bit.

10. Make use of your mobile phone’s camera if you are trying to scope for beautiful landscape shots. So you won’t forget them.

Scoping for great landscape shots can become a fun activity, especially if you won’t keep on forgetting those that you want to visit later on. To prevent that from happening, you can always make use of your mobile phone’s camera for it. By doing that, you would be able to remember where you want to shoot your landscape scene next, by simply checking your phone.

If you want to take it a step further, you maybe doing a theme shoot or that specific location gives you ideas, why not use a note taker to write out those ideas of the picture you took. In some cases you can use screen write to write on a copy of the picture itself. These are very important for me because I almost always working on more than one project and need to take notes to remember what I wanted to do or try.


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