Photography Tips #3

11. How to make sure that your lenses will not knock against each other while being put inside your bag.

Camera lenses do not come very cheap these days, which is why you need to take care of them properly. To make sure that they won’t destroy each other while being put inside the bag, you can use your hiking socks for them. At least that’s what I’ve been told. All you have to do is to cut the socks into its proper sizes. Just make sure that the socks are cleaned so that your lens would not get dirt on it.

Personally, I made my bag. I’m a craft person after all. I bought a sewing machine bag we had for black Friday. Bought the cushion fiber used to make chair covers, Velcro and some material. I cut the success sizes I needed the fiber to secure my items. Covered each piece with my selected material, add three Velcro, place in bag. It’s perfect for me with wheels and all.

12. Provide yourself some time to look through the photographs that you have taken a while ago.

Checking out your work after a few weeks that you have taken them, can provide you a new feeling for the photos. Aside from that, it would also give you the opportunity to see what you did right, and what you did wrong. More importantly, even if you did really well with them, you can always use them as your guide to make improvements.

This to me is vital. I even go as far as reaching out to other photographers to see what I could have done differently to make it better or make it pop. Networking and having a mentor is important to growth in the field. I understand not everyone likes to help because they are afraid. There are many who will and do help. As you grow, don’t be afraid to help others. There is enough work for everyone!

13. How to take pictures of fast moving or unpredictable subjects.

There are times when you want to capture an image or images of subjects that are erratic or moving fast. An example of this would be your pet dog playing around the garden. To make sure that you can capture a decent picture, simply make use of your camera’s continuous shooting mode. With that, it would take a number of shots in just a second, which would give you the chance to catch a good shot.

I love this tip. I do this regularly when shooting animals and sometimes water. Sometimes I’ll use it at sporting events too. Just find what works for you.

14. What you can do to become a wedding photographer.

If you want to become a wedding photographer, you want to start it right, so that you can get more clients. Staring out right in photography means gathering more information about it. However, you should also practice more; and, one of the best ways to do that is to volunteer as one of the photographers for your friend’s or relative’s wedding celebration.

I totally agree with this. This kinda goes for anything you want to branch out into. Don’t be afraid to offer your service in order to branch out. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from others who have done or doing it well already. Always remember, be uniquely you.

15. How to make sure that you are buying the right kind of lens, especially if it expensive.

Lenses are available in different models these days. Some are big, while some are small. Keep in mind that such camera accessories are quite pricey. To make sure that you would be purchasing the right kind though, you can always rent certain types of lens for a few days first, so that you can check out their many functions and advantages, which should help you make the right purchase.

I personally haven’t rented any lenses yet, but I great many do. This is definitely something I plan to look into doing. I also caution and advise that you do some research. Ask yourself, what will you be photographing? Will it near or far? What type of conditions may I be in? Those your answers to those questions may alter your decision. What do I mean? For instance, if I want to get into food photography I won’t use the same lens that I use for landscape. Two different lenses are needed to optimize your photos.

Thanks for reading with me. How do you feel about these tips? What tips around these five topics would you advise?


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