“My Hobbies”

My top five hobbies!

  1. Photography.  I love photography for so many reasons.  You capture the moment in time.  I love looking back at what my parents looked like, how they dressed and everything.  I believe that our children’s’ children should be able to do the same thing.  The ease of creating a snapshot, or doing a short photo shoot is way too easy.  We shouldn’t be passing up chances to capture those memories in order to share with others and to look at in the future.  It’s great for those with memory illnesses too.  It helps with those memories.  I also like to help others build their self esteem and make them feel beautiful and confident.
  2. Reading. When you’re reading it takes me to another world.  It’s a time to read about other people’s lives and their drama.  It’s a stress relief.  Plus you learn.  I read all types of books.  Every book I think has something you can learn from the book.  Even though I maybe reading a fiction book, I still aim to take something away from it.  It keeps me sharp no matter what I’m reading.
  3. Writing Poetry.  Poetry is a serious stress releif for me.  You may not see as much right now because I’m adjusting that brand a bit.  Not to worry I’m still doing some behind the scenes writing.  Even though I maybe branching out to get into some novel writing, poetry is still my best vent avenue.
  4. Football.  Football is football!  I have always loved the sport.  Loved playing and watching.  I really love the energy some of the home team fans bring.  When you’re in the stadium, it gives me life!  That excitement just rolls through me.
  5. Traveling.  I love to see and do new things.  Being at a standstill is so out of the question.  I want to see the world and different cultures.  Being a military child I did get to see a lot of things.  Now, I want to see even more!  The excitement of a new place, new people, new things to see is just a great feeling.  When I tell you I can feel the excitement coursing through my veins when I travel, it be that serious!  When I travel, I travel to have fun.  I’m not going to be sitting in a corner mopping about.  I might go somewhere close to relax and chill but it’ll be for that purpose.  Otherwise, I’m out seeing the sites and capturing those memories.

Those are just five of my favorite hobbies.  What are your top five hobbies and why?


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