I’ve been doing some serious mediating the last few days on my next moves, how to handle them and such. I came to a clear understanding that some things within myself need changing. We know change can be hard, but I’m ready.

One of those changes is the fact that I’m done trying to make time to collaborate with people or teams that say they want to, but put in absolutely no effort or participation without a million and two reminders. Even then you put in all of 1% of effort. Those days are over.

I’m looking for a team that’s ready and able to shake and move. Who’s ready to and able to leave their print on the world. I the board, the street team, and the creators to be ready to grind and hustle on these projects just as hard as I do. Simply put, if you’re not ready, step to the side.

One of the other things I’m doing is ensuring I take my me time. That means keeping all business on a schedule and enjoying life. While I love my family and friends, again, be ready to move when I move. The days of me waiting to do things is over, especially if I planned all of it! I love to go places and try new things. This has always been a passion.

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