Mobile/Cell Phone Habits

Nowadays most people have a cell phone of some sort.  Even young children are very adept in using the basics of a cell phone.  However, there are a few cell phone habits that annoy me.  Probably annoy some of ya’ll too.  That’s what I want to talk about that today.

  • Talking on speaker phone — We all don’t want to hear your entire conversation.  Truth be told, don’t even want to hear your side of the conversation.
  • Video chatting — Again we don’t want to hear your conversation, let alone see ya’ll when you are video chatting.  The only exception is if you’re trying to show them something, but that should be brief.
  • Listening to music/videos without head phones or ear buds —  You never know who you may be offending with your music.  Better yet, you maybe distracting someone.  Or still, it just outright annoying.  Have headphones or earbuds.
  • Don’t call me and talk about nothing —  I already don’t talk much on the phone as it is.  So don’t call me and don’t have anything to say.  I don’t want to hear your breathing.  Just send a quick text and we’ll be okay.
  • “Why didn’t you answer my call and/or message?” — Simple, I was busy.  That’s what text messaging was invited for and that’s what voicemail was invited for.  All so we can get back with you once we get free.  Please remember, just because you have time to chat right now, doesn’t mean that I have the time.
  • When you’re out with friends or out having dinner, give your device a break — There’s nothing more annoying than trying to have a conversation with someone who spends all their time on their phone.
  • You’re playing a game on your phone and you just suddenly break out in a fit of rage — We don’t care about your game playing.  Chances are we won’t be helping you pass whatever level you’re on.  Plus, it’s ONLY a game.  That game shouldn’t impact your life that much let alone others too.
  • Not knowing how to properly use group messaging — If you don’t know how to properly use group messaging, then don’t use it.  In this day and time, please refrain from sending group messages on holidays, especially those that you don’t even talk to.
  • Restroom selfies — That irritates me because I’m trying to use the restroom, wash my hands and get out, while you are all in the way having a loud obnoxious conversation.

What are some cell phone habits that annoy you?

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