50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know… Week 6

Week 6….

“Paying A Compliment”


Tell someone when you think she or he has done something really well, or when she looks really pretty, or when his jacket is really cool.


Keep those thoughts to yourself, even if you’re shy or don’t know the person that well.  The opportunity will pass, and then you’ll wish you had taken it.


It is never wrong or incorrect say something nice to someone.


Pay compliments with sincerity and only when you mean it.


Say something nice just to have something to say.


If you tell your friend every time you see her that she looks fantastic, she’s to stop believing you.  Nobody, not even a supermodel, looks fantastic all the time.


  • A lady is not stingy with her compliments.
  • A lady does not exaggerate her compliments.
  • A lady is genuine in her compliments.

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