50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know… Week 8




Say “I’m sorry” without adding a “but”.


Say, “I’m sorry I knocked into the table and broke your favorite piece of pottery, but you should have put it on a higher shelf if you liked it so much.”  You day say, “I’m sorry I didn’t include you with the others, but I was in a hurry.”  You don’t say, “I’m sorry I forgot to let the dog out, but I wanted to watch the end of the show and he should have let me know he needed to go out.”


Adding an excuse to what you did or didn’t do means you are not taking responsibility for your actions, and that makes your apology pretty worthless.


Say I’m sorry and_____” if you need to say more than “I’m Sorry” to make the situation right.  “I’m sorry I was careless and broke the bowl.  Can I help buy a new one?”


Assume that “I’m sorry” is always enough to make amends.

Because sometimes you need to back your words up with action.

  • A lady doesn’t delay her apology hoping the situation will just go away.  It won’t, and the sooner you say “I’m sorry,” the sooner everyone feels better.
  • A lady doesn’t expect to be rewarded for saying “I’m Sorry” but is grateful when her apology is graciously accepted.
  • A lady doesn’t assume an apology is the end of the situation, but she understands it’s the first step toward making things right.

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