Is There A TV Episode That Impacted Your Life?

So recently I question was raised, “Is there a TV episode that has impacted my life?” When I first read the question, I like, it’s TV, why would a TV show really effect my life? I have a number of favorite shows that I watch regularly. Now I can finally say there was a show that did it for me. “Grey’s Anatomy” season 6 episodes 23-24. The episodes dealt with a shooting at the hospital where 11 of their co-workers were killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen enough crime shows to see people get killed. Yes, I also know most TV shows are also based on research. Still, it had it’s own impact on me.

While watching it, it bought me to tears. I couldn’t believe the extreme they were going in the show. Yet, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV while tears were streaming down my face. Watching the episode, I was reflecting on my own life. No, I wasn’t involved in a situation like that, however, I’ve had my share of changes. I’ve made decisions that I’m not too happy about. Some I even regret, others, I really wish I had made.

Those episodes really reminded me how short life can be. We don’t know what will happen. I’ve learned to cherish every moment.

Is there a TV episode that has impacted your life?

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