Distractions. What is a distraction? It’s a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.

We all things that distract us from what we should be or need to be doing. There are a wide range of distractions out there for us to choose from. First let’s talk about why we get distracted.

For me personally I can easily get distracted most of the time. It takes a lot of work to stay focused. With myself, normally my mind is racing at 200 MPH! I literally be multitasking to the highest degree. That in itself is a distraction. If I feel overwhelmed I will get distracted even easier.

The reasons why people get distracted are numerous. Here are a few:

  • Family/Kids
  • Various entertainment
  • Illnesses
  • The difficulty of task
  • Stress
  • Noises

Majority of the time we can handle these distractions. One of the most important ways is to put yourself in a distraction free zone. It can be hard if you have kids to care for, especially younger kids.

You will need to set goals to accomplish each day, month, and year. Don’t make your daily goals or to do list extremely long. Keep it to three to five main objectives for the day. It will keep you from being overwhelmed and anxious because you didn’t complete everything.

Give yourself time limits to complete each task. For example, I give myself 2 hours to schedule content on my platform for a month. For me that’s reasonable because I’ve already decided what I want to post all I have to do is schedule them. That’s normally three post a day across all my platforms in two hours. That leaves me no time to get distracted.

Those are just a few ways to help you handle distractions. How do you handle your distractions???

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