We all get disappointed by someone or something. It typically can come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on What or who disappointed us it can be completly heartbreaking.

Still, the biggest disappointment is When we disappoint oureven think about it. Because most of the time we don’t recongize it we can’t deal with it. It is very important to understand and see just how real it is.

For example, I went to physical therapy for my total knee replacement. This is my first full session after having my surgery a week before. Due to the surgery your muscles are trying to fire up. Because of this it makes standing on your own from lower seats by yourself Pretty difficult. My self disappoint came in because I felt that I should have been able to do it on my own. It made me question my Own progress. It was like I haven’t did anything. Reality is that I’m further along than was last year. It took a mintute to pull myself out of that funk.

I want to share a few ways to deal with self disspointment. I will refer back to my own situation as we go through these steps

  1. Accept what happened. Sure you can wallow in Self Pitty for short time. For me in this specific situation it took about two hours and a nap.
  2. Treat yourself as a friend. Would you tell your friend that you were dissapointed in them? Especially if it was out of their control? A friend will always listen to help figure out what went wrong.
  3. Reconize the huge expectation. We should most definitely set high goals to reach and aim for. We will have setbacks and we must understand that. You must also make sure it is realistic. when we set unrealistic goals we will meet some kind of disappointment.
  4. Distract yourself in a healthy way. you’d want to find Something that not only relaxes you, but also stimulate your mind. For me it’s read a book. I’ll also do Some writing, Crafting, or Photography. Maybe once I heal, I can add Walking to the mix.
  5. Always be sure you are asking the right questions. Here are some questions: 1: Did you give yourself enough time? 2: Did you do the necessary Prep work? 3: Did you set Clear boundaries? 4: Did you ask for help?

When we feel the pang of self disspointment, remember there are ways to deal with it.

How do you deal with self disappointment?

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