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The Musical (Disney+)

So I finally had the chance to see “Hamilton” on Disney+. Actually by now I’ve seen it a number of times! The review is strictly based off the Disney+ version with the original cast because I have seen the live edition.

To me, there was only one thing that was really wrong in the movie. That was during the song “Satisfied” being sung mainly by Angelica. During this specific song you can see the flower on the front of her dress come and go depending on the camera and angle. How does that happen with a live performance? I don’t know, but it didn’t take away from the song and show.

I overall enjoyed the show. Enjoyed it so much I’ve watched it a number of times. I’ve downloaded the soundtrack and remix album too. This musical was surprisingly accurate. After watching the first time, I noticed some things I didn’t really remember from history, so I did some research here and there. I came to understand the founding fathers just a tad bit more. I think Lin portrayed them pretty good in the show.

I was really impressed by the accuracy of the costume designs too for that time period. At first, I was thinking it didn’t seem right, but as I was researching, I saw that it was very accurate. Many people I spoke to thought it didn’t have enough dialog. Me, I found it refreshing to not having so much talking. After all it is a musical, not just a stage play. That fact that Lin was able to do this using hip hop, rap and jazz is pretty amazing.

Of course, since it released on Disney+ I’ve been checking some of the behind the scenes and stuff too. YouTube has been great. Watching some of that helped understand the characters and actors a bit more. If I enjoy a movie, I will watch it more than once. I’m glad I did with this. I’m still spotting stuff I didn’t notice before. Things that were not necessarily in the foreground, bu more so in the background, in the shadows. Would we have seen that in the live performance? I don’t know.

The actors and actresses were all outstanding. Of course, personally some stood out more than others. However, I do give them all A+ for their amazing acting, dancing and singing. I find that they were able to fit a lot into the two and half hour performance. I know they couldn’t add everything, that would be unreasonable. They did fantastic.

Do I recommend you seeing this? YES. Will I still try to see the live version? YES.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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