Friend To Associate

Just about five months ago I changed jobs. Went from retail to working from home. I’m so happy about that move. Not just because of Covid either, but my overall health. Less wear and tear on my body, especially my knees. Both of which I had replaced. I need them to last those 30 years!! I also learned more about myself and what I need.

One thing I’ve noticed is who I talk to and the conversations I have with them have changed. Some I talk to more. Others I barely talk to.  I’m not saying that we are ‘beefing’ or anything, we just drifted that quick. Others I have drawn closer too. When your focus changes, you notice other things that need to change. Nothing wrong with that. It’s called growth.

This also taught me many things. Some had to drop from friend status to associate status. It amazes how little I want to deal with some. Why? Have I changed? Have they changed? I know I’ve changed. I think my standards and what makes me thrive are more prevalent now. So, I find myself not tolerating anyone who doesn’t add to me and I add to them. It must go both ways.

I’ve noticed how some assume things about me. Sure you may assume I’m going to eat pizza, or have groceries delivered or text you before I call. Really that’s about all. Don’t make claims on my time by assuming I’m busy or not, or even I’m doing something or not. Granted I may read every day, but I do more than that. I watch the Olympics every day, but I do more. In other words, don’t assume, ask.

Some of the people I’ve increased my conversations with are truly amazing. We talk regularly and on many different topics. We encourage one another and be that shoulder to lean on (virtually of course) or the ear to vent to. We share our successes and failures.  Some of which moved from associate to friend.

When it comes to those I call friends, or even the ones that may want more there certain things that really show me who you are or what you’re about. There’s been so much going on over the past year and half since Covid broke out.  Everyone is concerned and we all have those moments when you just need the comforting words from a friend or family member. What you don’t need under any circumstance is someone making you feel worse. I want my friends to stay stay strong, so I would do my best to keep them up. Always remember, a solution isn’t always needed. Sometimes just a listening ear is enough.

It’s amazing how things can change in a short amount of time. There’s nothing wrong when you notice you’ve changed for the better. Sometimes we take a step backwards, but remember to find a way to take the next step forward. Sometimes we have to let go and leave people where they are as we take the next step on the ladder. 

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