Tokyo Olympics 2020+1

The 2020+1 Summer Olympic Games are now over. I’ve had some time to let the excitement wear off a bit. Judging from I saw Tokyo did an amazing job hosting during this Covid pandemic. Now they are getting ready for the Paralympics. I rarely watch those, but I’m pretty excited to check those out too.

In my pre Olympic post I talked about my excitement of the games arriving. I did wonder how not having any fans would impact the excitement of the games. What I realized early, even during the opening ceremony, is the fact that no fans being there didn’t diminish the excitement at all. I still felt the excitement from the athletes and their family when they streamed them. Even though the atmosphere was different it still showed the excellence of the athletes around the world. They showed so some amazing talent.

One thing I did notice was the added drama. I’m sure there were always issues at the games. After all you have so many different personalities and customs. Still, this time there seemed to be extra drama. What do I mean by that? Where would I even start?

First we can start with after trials before the Olympics. Sha’Carri Richardson suspension. I won’t say anything about her suspension. She knew the consequences. She said it was a lapse in judgement. Done. Next we have Simone Biles. Amazing and talented gymnast. My only words are, let her be. Only she knows what’s best for her. She owes us nothing. Well said be her teammates. Next we have the athletes that lost and took the winners moment because they were not good enough to win. Give me a break. Every opponent you lose to is on drugs or it’s just not possible for a female to be faster than a male. Again, give me a break. Have good sportsmanship and don’t the shine from someone else because you were not good enough.

Other than stuff like that, I truly enjoyed the Olympics. I was slightly disappointed in skateboarding. The USA men’s track team proved uninspiring as well. The women’s USA and Jamaica’s track teams are always a treat to watch. How about Italy showing out on the track?!?! Let’s not forget the 14 year old Chinese diving champion. Can you say amazing?!?! Overall I loved and enjoyed the Olympics and all the firsts and broken records.

I’m already looking forward to Paris in three years and Los Angeles in seven years! I’m really hoping I can make the opening ceremony of the 2028 babes in LA. I’d love to hear what you enjoyed the most about the Olympics this year.

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