What Not To Do When Using Video Conference

Using video conference for meetings is not new.  It’s been around for a long while.  We know it’s being used now more than ever due to t the Covid pandemic. It has been something that has proved extremely useful.

When using a web conference tool or app,  we can get a little lax. There are some areas you most definitely need not to be too lax. This would include, but not limited to work, school and church.  Today I want to talk about work.

When it comes to work you are expected to be professional no matter what. Right? Even more so if you are a supervisor. While this list is not all inclusive, you’d think some if not all was common sense. Yet, here we are. Here are my top eight list.

  • Make the bed if it’s thing to be visible in the camera. I get we are working from home a lot more than ever before and we love our comfort. As a supervisor you are setting an example. I don’t make my bed everyday, but my office isn’t in my bedroom.
  • Use the manners you should have been taught.  We hear EVERYTHING when you’re not muted. The constant burping and saying excuse me, unprofessional. Trying to teach while eating, unprofessional. Learn your manners if you were not taught.
  • When you’re given instructions, pay attention and follow along. There’s nothing worse than holding 20 plus people up because you were not paying attention.
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism. This goes for the leader and the team/class. To learn is to grow.
  • Be teachable. You don’t know everything. If you did you’d be perfect. Perfect you are not. Be open to doing better and getting better. Whatever the reason for the video conference, learn something to help you grow.
  • Wear the proper attire. Granted most people wear shorts, pajamas, sweats and such for bottoms, that’s fine if you’re not standing with the camera on.
  • Don’t sleep. You maybe tied for whatever reason, but DO NOT SLEEP. Not only is that unprofessional, but it shows a lack of respect for the instructor or leader. Stand up, g get something to drink, candy or gum. Just make sure your muted and if possible turn your camera off.
  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT drink any kind of alcohol or smoke while working and/or while on camera.

There’s a portion of my list with my top eight. What would you add to this list?

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