Assumption…Based On What?

What does it mean to assume or have an assumption about something? An assumption is something that you assume to be the case, even without proof.

A pet peeve I have is when some one assumes to know what’s going in someone’s life without asking. I love my best friend, but I would never assume she’s doing this or that. Not even sleep. After all, things change.

Someone assumed I was on medical leave again when they didn’t see me at Wal-Mart anymore. The reality is that I no longer work for the company. All that person had to do was ask. I don’t always follow the normal thing. Granted a large majority of the population sleeps at night. Still, one can never be 100% sure. After all we do have a graveyard shift.

Recently people tend to assume I’m so busy, or I’m having a bad day. The truth of the matter is that I wasn’t all that busy nor was I having a bad day. Just because YOU’RE busy or YOU’RE having a bad day, don’t project your feelings my way. Granted I do have a fairly full schedule, I make time for recreation. It may not be as much as before Covid or my knee surgeries, but I get it in. I do it without risking getting Covid again or taking it to my family.

It’s never the right thing to assume your family and/or friend is or isn’t anything. Just ask. It’s not that hard. When you make those assumptions you make yourself look foolish. So take a moment to ask next time. They may just surprise you.

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