Winter Olympics 2022

Figure Skating

I enjoy watching most parts of the Olympics,  but Figure Skating is my favorite.  All forms,  men’s and women’s figure skating.  This year had more drama than I ever recall happening.  Before I get started,  please understand this is not a political or a racial post.

Everything that happened on the final night can squarely be blamed on three groups of people. First,  Kamila Valieva, her family and her entire coaching staff. Second,  the Olympics committee. Third,  would be the media,  as always. 

We all understand to some degree the pressures of participating in competition.  Some on a higher level than others.  Still,  everyone understands the rules of drugs. It doesn’t matter your race or nationality. YOU KNOW. You also understand the consequences.  No Kamila was not the first,  and not the first representing Russia or ROC. No, Sha’Carri Richardson was not the first and I’m sure she won’t be the last either.  If you don’t know the rules to be an Olympian,  then you don’t deserve it. If you know it and do it anyway,  you don’t deserve it either. It’s that simple. 

I understand she’s 15. Guess what? She’s not the only 15 year old to ever participate in the Olympics,  and surely not figure skating.  So that excuse is a non excuse in my eyes.  Do we need to make a list?

Then they had the nerve to quote her mental health! Are you serious? Those falls she exhibited was not because she couldn’t do it (another topic), it was because we were in her head. The media was in her head. The looking down on her was in her head.  How is a 15 year old supposed to handle that when we,  yes myself included,  wanted her to lose? If you really wanted to protect her, she wouldn’t have been put in that situation.

The thing that made me mad the most was her selfish attitude.  I know the team staff was to blame for babying her. Yet here is her teammate who you’re supposed to be close to, winning the gold and standing by herself,  alone for a long while. Why? Because she fell and didn’t medal? Then you’re okay with participating and trying to medal which in turn not only dim the Olympics as a whole,  but your fellow teammates wouldn’t get a medal ceremony. You would have been okay with that? Again,  selfish.  And again, I put that blame on her family and training team.

There’s so much wrong with the staff.  Even though I didn’t want her to win,  the harsh treatment right after coming off the ice was ridiculous. Again all of this could have been avoided to begin with.

Even today we see news about athletes being stripped of their medals from the summer Tokyo events. Help me understand what makes this privileged Olympian, want to be medalist is so much different from all the others before her? Why does she not need to live up to the standards of everyone else? How much money were you paid to overturn that suspension?

No, I’m not an Olympian, nor have I ever desired to be one.  What I understand is sports, sportsmanship and how to follow rules. It’s that simple.  Follow the rules or don’t participate.  If don’t follow the rules,  you suffer the consequences.  Most of us are taught that at a young age. Like toddler age. Am I glad she fell? No. Am I glad she didn’t win? Yes. Suck it up.

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