Leadership 2

In part one of my leadership blog I discussed some great and amazing leaders I’ve worked with and for. This one will be a bit different.  I will be discussing  poor leadership actions and some basic results of the actions.  I will not name names, nor specific locations, Just the company.

We all know and have worked with poor leadership.  I hope you are not a poor leader yourself.  Then again, sometimes we may have qualities that we don’t realize we have that causes us to be poor leaders. There is hope though.  When we as individuals recognize these qualities and/or actions then we should do better and work on fixing those flaws in order to be better at what we do.  Notice I didn’t say perfect, but better. I have faith in each and everyone of you that you can improve and become a better leader.  Now on to the experiences.

While Wal-Mart gave me some great experiences, Wal-Mart also gave me a few of the worst mangers and leaders as well. Too be perfectly honest, they are equally poor examples of leadership.  No, are not from the same store.  However they had the same poor qualities.  Do I dislike them as a person, no, not really, but we wouldn’t really be friends either outside of work. 

One experience was just awful, and both of them (locations) had the same poor quality of starting drama.  How can you be a successful leader and thrive on having drama in you building.  This just boggles my mind til this day.  You can get so much more accomplished when your team gets along.  Plus, who really wants the added stress of diffusing an argument and other drama?  The aim should have been to have your team, your building get along.  Afterall, one of the ‘core values’ of Wal-Mart is “Respect for the Indvidual.”  That was not seen at all.

Another thing that I have seen a lot also falls into the “Respect for the Individual”. Yelling…Yep, I said it.  Yelling.  I mean yelling like you’re about to spank your child or something.  I get it.  We all get upset and we all get frustrated.  Truth be told, some of the people you work with or work under you can act like a child.  They just don’t listen sometimes.  I totally get it.  However, there is a way to handle things and a way not to handle it.  You give a direction, you ensure they know how to do it. It’s not complete or right, find out why and then take the necessary steps. It maybe reeducation, another solution, or even maybe a write up. BUT, there should never be yelling no matter how angry you are. There are no excuses.

This is just two of the examples that I have to share. Trust me, there are more, just from those two locations. However, this isn’t a post to complain about people and their lack of leadership skills. I wanted to take a moment to show how poor leadership exist and is in many places. It is possible to change your leadership skills for the better, especially if you want to grow in the company you’re in or even in another company. It’s all about understanding who are and you leading qualities. You must take an honest and true reflection of yourself. Then find someone you trust to hold you accountable. Each location I worked at I always had a team member where we discussed our goals and hold each other accountable for our progress. If you don’t see where you are making progress and the results are the same from your team, try having an open and honest dialogue with your team. Really listen and don’t be quick to take offense when they are giving feedback. Most importantly, DO NOT hold it against them or they won’t open up to you anymore. The second most important thing, or equally important, DO NOT betray their confidence. If they tell you something in confidence, don’t share it with EVERY ONE. That is also poor leadership. My favorite motto is treat them how you want them to treat you. It’s that simple. With practice and determination you can be an awesome leader.

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