Strengths & Weaknesses

As we go through life we learn and adapt. Our strengths and weakness change based on our focuses, goals and life in general. No one is perfect so we all have a set of both qualities. Of course some more than others. Today I want to share some of my strengths and weaknesses currently. They may change in a year or two, but for now, this is where I stand.


  • Good Listener – I’ve always been told I listen attentively when some is speaking or a speaker is presenting. I find it disrespectful to not pay attention. Now if you are just rambling about the same drama in your life, THEN I’ll typically tune you out. So, don’t be suprised.
  • Creativty – I love using my creative side. I also love trying to new things. If it don’t work out, it just wasn’t for me. I love to make things and doing creative tasks and events. The more creative I can be, the better.
  • Don’t mind change – Change can be good, therefore I don’t mind most changes. After all, how do you know it won’t work until you try it. Most major companies don’t get to be where they are without change. If I’ve given it my honest try and it doesn’t seem to work out, I’ll then voice my opinion on the matter. When I do, I typically have a way to improve the situation as well.
  • Willing to try new things – For the most part, I don’t mind stepping outside the box and trying new stuff. Again, how will you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it. You have to have an open mind or you’ll get stuck in the same spot forever.
  • Great Planner – I’m pretty good at planning projects and events. It doesn’t matter if it’s work related, my business, or just for fun. The key to planning projects and events is to have the right people in the right places. Once you have that, you’re half way there. The other thing to have is an open mind and be willing to change some things if they are not working out.


  • Facial Expression – This is something I’ve been working on forever. I think the first time I’ve really been told about this issue was back in 1998ish I believe. I’ve been working on this ever since then. Normally with me you know exactly what I’m thinking when you look at my face. I still have not successfully conquered that.
  • Consistency – Yes, I know, consistency is the key to being succuessful at anything you want to do. All I can say is that I’m still working on it. Just work with me on this one!
  • Sidetracked Easily – Boy oh boy, if this isn’t accurate. It doesn’t take much for me to get sidetracked, unless I’m reading. Not much can sidetrack me from a good book. Other than that, my mind tends to wander to other things rather quickly. This is espescially true if I’m working on some sort of creative project and the conversation and turn at the drop of a hat. I might have a touch of adult ADD. Who knows.
  • Unorganized – Maybe not in all aspects of my life, but enough to through some things out of whack. I’ve been working on that, especially with my businesses.
  • Get bored quickly – Again, maybe a touch of ADD comes in to play here. I do typically have a short attention span. It even gets shorter if I don’t like the task at hand. You can ask anyone that’s attened a book club meeting or one of the club members, a bad book, will take me FOREVER to finish.

Today I’ve shared with you five strengths and five weaknesses. Yes there are more of each, these are the ones that ranked high on the lists. Share with me your top strength and weakness.

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