A Them Problem

Yes, that’s what I said. That’s a them problem. So, I love to see people happy and have happy successful lives. Whatever your definition of success is, be happy. Being happy does not include tearing others down because you’re “happy” now. It means being genuinely happy about where you are in life. If you are not happy, do something about it and FIX it.

When I was younger I use to try to be a people pleaser. I use to think it was my fault when things didn’t work out. Like life, some ended quicker than others. One thing that I realized very quickly is the fact that it wasn’t all me. A lot of times it was them or the fact that we had no chemistry. More recently, let’s say the last 10 years, give or take, I’ve come to another conclusion. The last three years confirmed it. How so?

At this point I know what I want and what I’m looking for. The golden standard for me has risen greatly since I’ve left high school. I learned not to blame myself because they didn’t reach the mark. I’ve also learned not blame them when he wasn’t interested. I understand I’m not perfect, but this epiphany and realization is very clear. This isn’t a Mashawn problem. This is a Them problem. My standards are mine and there is no reason to lower them. Not at all. If it’s not what I want, then it’s not what I want. If you’ve been around long enough you have probably heard me say many times that there are things you can compromise with and others you can not compromise. That’s okay. What do I mean? I love tall fellas, at least 6ft. However, that can be compromised. While on the other hand, I don’t do smokers. This not comprisable. If you have things you can’t and will not compromise, guess what? That’s a THEM problem. Not a you problem. Or in my case, not a Mashawn Problem.

I was told I was acting angry or bitter. I promise you this, I’m not angry or bitter. Back in my 20’s you might have been able to say that. Now, nope, not at all. You have to care to get there. I know that sounds harsh, but when you show me who you really are, I believe it until you give me a reason not to. When you show me you’re selfish and self centered, I take that at face value and don’t add any more to it. I saw a TikTok a few months ago and all I could say is, “yes, finally some one who gets it!” The TikTok pretty much said that you don’t get involved with “POTENTIAL” you get involved with “NOW”. So If I want you, I like you for who you are now and not what you can be. Having potential and goals is good, very good, but what I see today will be the deciding factor. So, no, I’m not angry or bitter. Maybe a bit humored that you may think you/they garner that reaction. Other than that I feel nothing. Why? Again that’s a Them problem, not a Mashawn problem.

Things may not always be perfect, but that’s okay because I’m happy. I’m happy about where I’m at now and the things I’m accomplishing now.

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