How I Relax

We all have very stressful moments in our lives.  We may not have stress everyday or all the time, but we have it.  It’s okay to have stress, but it’s about how we deal with those stressful moments. Everyone should have a way to release their stress.  Of course we would prefer it not be in a violet way.  I want to share with you some of the ways I deal with stress.  Remember this is me, not you.  You need to find what works for you.

  1. Reading – This is always a great go to for me.  What I read varies depending on my mood and what has me stressed. Typically when I read I’m all the way in the book if the author did a good job.
  2. Write – Writing allows me to say exactly what and how I’m feeling.
  3. Play a game on my phone – Shunting that doesn’t require thought is always best. Leave my mind blank.
  4. Craft Projects – Too many to name here. It could be something with my cricut or just painting.
  5. Sleep – This should have been #1. Enough said.
  6. Call a friend – Having someone to talk is always a great help.
  7. DND – There’s moments when not talking to anyone is best. I’ll quickly put my phone on DND if necessary.

This is a few ways I personally deal with stress. Just remember we are all different and will need to deal with it accordingly. How do you deal with stress. How do you relax??

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