Training Work From Home

Some of you may know I work from home. In a previous blog I discussed the differences of training from home and in a retail setting. I’m about to complete an eight week training for a new line of business. During the series I will not tell you the specific company not the names of those in my class for privacy.

The first day is basically getting access to systems. What surprised me the most was how late we got the email with confirmation and class information. We got it literally the night before. And sent it to our personal emails. That in itself didn’t make sense because we are all internal. We got m hours that’s what matters most. The teams chat was created at the beginning of the week. Within two days I discovered the butt kisser and the haughty alpha.

The first two hours is almost always the same. Make sure everyone is there, even the last minute additions and send required photos. This normally takes the first hour. The second hour is usually the meet and greet. However, this time we pretty much just hung out. Am I complaining? Nope. I got a lot of stuff done while I was waiting. Yes, I was at my computer and waiting for instructions. Some had some issues that had to be worked through. We did get our basic systems up and completed some required trainings and still got out early. Again, I’m so not complaining.

This was a bit different than what I’ve been use to with this specific company over the course of a year and half. I don’t mind at all. Change is good. It keeps you moving and keeps your mind fresh. I’m excited to see how this specific trainer works. I like to learn from trainers and what they do best and worst.

I’ll be back next week with my week one event. This should be really interesting. What does your day one or equipment set up day looks like for your work from home job?

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