Week 1 Work From Home Training

Monday started my official week one training.  It’s about what I expected. Getting everyone connected,  getting our 50 million logins, website links and what not. 

What I think is missing is the meet and greet.  I find that to be very important no matter the size of class.  This one is a fairly small class. I think an hour would have worked.  My other Lines of Business (LOB) had more people,  but made it work.  Why do I see this as important? Get to know the ones you’re leading and allows the class to get to know each other. I’m not saying he doesn’t care because he does ask the random questions. I get that a lot of us may not be on the same teams after this eight week training.  However, eight weeks is a long time. 

This week our trainer was sick, but I give him a lot of credit for pushing through and keeping the energy level in the class up.  kudos to him.  He is also great about keeping the class moving in the right direction and at a good pace.  There’s not too much extra.  He answers questions and listening listens so far. Downside, he’s a little forgetful and don’t check his messages as much.  For the most part I can deal with that. I understand is a lot going on. 

In one week I’ve identified the want to be trainers or the know of alls, the technology challenged and the one that can’t keep up.  It can be annoying if you allow it to. Me,  I find it hilarious. 

So all in all, a fairly uneventful first week. Lots of practice,  lots of notes, a few quizzes and a certification.  Yes, we are on camera these eight weeks of training. No big deal.  It also means no electronics unless it’s an emergency, need it to log into a system or have to call help desk. Again, no problem,  I keep pen and paper and physical books.

What keeps me focused? Taking notes and doodling. Yes, I doodle or write out notes for my next project when I’m waiting.  Also gum, hard candy and snacks. I’m trying to change to more protein  type of snacks.  So that’s my week one for this specific line of business.

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