Listening Is Fundamental

I know we’ve all been to school.  Some even been to college. Most adults have been through training,  orientation and things of that nature for work.  There are a few things that help you succeed in any of those environments.  Two of those would be listening and following directions.

I know sometimes various trainings can get boring,  tedious or even repetitive at times.  There’s this thing called determination that helps most focus,  especially when you are being given some directions.  I’m not trying to be mean. I understand some may truly be lost and may not understand.  It’s the ones that you know were not listening or trying to move ahead.

When I see that it shows a few qualities about yourself.  One of the biggest is your selfishness and how you expect everyone to cater to you at the expense of everyone else.  Simply put,  that’s just rude.  The other one you hear or see me say all the time. It shows a lack of respect for the individual.  When you don’t respect your team,  you think it’s okay and it’s not okay.  You shouldn’t be okay with holding everyone up just you can’t pay attention and keep up.

Working from already brings it’s own set of distractions to the table. We all have to do our part to minimize the distractions, especially those that we are capable of. When it comes to your success and that of the team, do what you have to do. You were given the same instructions as everyone. What would you be doing if you sent into the office? There’s no TV watching, doing kids hair, answering the door and ask that stuff that’s distracting you now. If you can’t focus and listen, then maybe this isn’t the right job for you.

Again listening is crucial already, but even more so when working from home.

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