Work From Home Training Week 2

This week was not too crammed with information. Not a hard week at all. However, I did have to look down at my paper a little more often so everyone wouldn’t see me rolling my eyes. The petty in me pretty stayed at bay.

I find that by this week most people are getting more comfortable with those in class, some maybe too comfortable. You also realize the ones who didn’t really use video conference tools like zoom all that much during the pandemic. How do I know? The lack of video conference etiquette. While they don’t mind you snacking during class, but make sure you’re muted. If you have the sniffles, stay muted unless you need to speak.

While all that is just etiquette. I understand working from home offers some freedoms you wouldn’t get from in person training. Still you can’t take it for granted. This behavior typically makes it bad for everyone. You just start your shift or back from break and ALWAYS have to go to the restroom less than 10 minutes of getting back is just plain disrespectful. I know we all have bodily needs and sometimes came be helped, BUT every day?

Respect the instructor and your class. No one wants to be treated as a child, but you have to do your part in this too. I’ve been in classes where you had to ask permission before you could go to the restroom. That made everyone kind of testy and on edge. With six weeks left, anything could happen.

Week three supposed to be more information. So here we go!!!

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