Work From Home Training Week 3 & 4

These two weeks of training was off the charts! When I tell you the hilarious and questionable things that happened was a sight to see and hear. As per the course I will not use names. If any names are used, please beware, they are fake names.

This first one happened later in week 3, but had the highest shock value. Most jobs, especially offices frown on using profanity. However things happen. Mistakes are a part of life. The guy was making sure we were in some of our systems. Right in the middle of talking to us he screams “Shut the f@%#& up!” Honey, when I feel you, everyone was shocked. If y’all could have seen everyone’s face you world have been cracking up. Granted nobody said anything. The thing was he did reach out to our trainer after and apologized. Him and the trainer both said that if someone needed to speak to them one on one to let him know. I thought that was professional of him. Now, dude said he was yelling at his CAT!?!?!?! Yes, his cat. I don’t have a cat, but was your cat really making that much noise? We let it go for the most part except for the random joke here and there. If, someone was offended, they didn’t say anything. While I don’t do the whole cursing in the work place, but we all understand that we are imperfect and things happen.

That’s how week three ended. It wasn’t a bad week. A lot of things to go over and a lot of practice exercises. Here we experiences storms almost everyday. Lost my internet one day from like 6pm-230am. So, yea, I missed some work time, but not too bad. Seems to be a lot of tech issues that week for most of the class. That’s to be expected with the tech we use now days. It’s a lot of programs and stuff to use. I will say this though. I’m glad I have a tower and now an All In One. Those AIOs seem to stay having trouble and running out of RAM. I personally thing the company to do a better job in investing in those if that’s what they want to use. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Week 4 started with us having new assistants for the trainers. This is a prime example of a company that need to re evaluate their leadership. Not the only example, but defiantly one of the top. Now, we’ve had a number of REAL leadership visit the class over the three weeks. These two come trying to show they have power. Baby, Don’t test my gangsta. I had to let them both know, don’t try my. My supervisor skill and petty level is better than yours. I’ve been fairly peaceable so far. I’m pretty good at ignoring know it alls and the just don’t want to listen because I’m entitled. When you approach someone, it’s a way to do everything. I’m not your child, I’m here working just like you. I promise it won’t make me like or respect you even more when you start talking nonsense. It’s what Walmart calls “Respect For The Individual”. You’re little bit of power means NOTHING if you don’t know how to treat people.

I do know that everyone will not like everyone or get along with everyone. That is understandable because we are all built different. I will always stand up for myself and what’s right. So, if you want me to listen to you, come at me right. This goes for anyone you approach. You want to create the best work environment for your agents. This is even more critical when you work from home. You want not just an amazing team, but a happy one too. That in it self can take your team to knew heights. This is not saying that their won’t be bad days, but the atmosphere should help balance it out, not make it that much more worse.

Other than battling the want to be bosses, the week wasn’t a hard week. Almost everyday was spent with hours of practice exercises. This marks the half way point of our training. Week 5 will be 2 days of practicing and 3 days of live experiences. Am I ready? Nah, not really. I’ll never be truly ready. Just have to do it.

Work From Home Training Week 2

This week was not too crammed with information. Not a hard week at all. However, I did have to look down at my paper a little more often so everyone wouldn’t see me rolling my eyes. The petty in me pretty stayed at bay.

I find that by this week most people are getting more comfortable with those in class, some maybe too comfortable. You also realize the ones who didn’t really use video conference tools like zoom all that much during the pandemic. How do I know? The lack of video conference etiquette. While they don’t mind you snacking during class, but make sure you’re muted. If you have the sniffles, stay muted unless you need to speak.

While all that is just etiquette. I understand working from home offers some freedoms you wouldn’t get from in person training. Still you can’t take it for granted. This behavior typically makes it bad for everyone. You just start your shift or back from break and ALWAYS have to go to the restroom less than 10 minutes of getting back is just plain disrespectful. I know we all have bodily needs and sometimes came be helped, BUT every day?

Respect the instructor and your class. No one wants to be treated as a child, but you have to do your part in this too. I’ve been in classes where you had to ask permission before you could go to the restroom. That made everyone kind of testy and on edge. With six weeks left, anything could happen.

Week three supposed to be more information. So here we go!!!

Listening Is Fundamental

I know we’ve all been to school.  Some even been to college. Most adults have been through training,  orientation and things of that nature for work.  There are a few things that help you succeed in any of those environments.  Two of those would be listening and following directions.

I know sometimes various trainings can get boring,  tedious or even repetitive at times.  There’s this thing called determination that helps most focus,  especially when you are being given some directions.  I’m not trying to be mean. I understand some may truly be lost and may not understand.  It’s the ones that you know were not listening or trying to move ahead.

When I see that it shows a few qualities about yourself.  One of the biggest is your selfishness and how you expect everyone to cater to you at the expense of everyone else.  Simply put,  that’s just rude.  The other one you hear or see me say all the time. It shows a lack of respect for the individual.  When you don’t respect your team,  you think it’s okay and it’s not okay.  You shouldn’t be okay with holding everyone up just you can’t pay attention and keep up.

Working from already brings it’s own set of distractions to the table. We all have to do our part to minimize the distractions, especially those that we are capable of. When it comes to your success and that of the team, do what you have to do. You were given the same instructions as everyone. What would you be doing if you sent into the office? There’s no TV watching, doing kids hair, answering the door and ask that stuff that’s distracting you now. If you can’t focus and listen, then maybe this isn’t the right job for you.

Again listening is crucial already, but even more so when working from home.

Week 1 Work From Home Training

Monday started my official week one training.  It’s about what I expected. Getting everyone connected,  getting our 50 million logins, website links and what not. 

What I think is missing is the meet and greet.  I find that to be very important no matter the size of class.  This one is a fairly small class. I think an hour would have worked.  My other Lines of Business (LOB) had more people,  but made it work.  Why do I see this as important? Get to know the ones you’re leading and allows the class to get to know each other. I’m not saying he doesn’t care because he does ask the random questions. I get that a lot of us may not be on the same teams after this eight week training.  However, eight weeks is a long time. 

This week our trainer was sick, but I give him a lot of credit for pushing through and keeping the energy level in the class up.  kudos to him.  He is also great about keeping the class moving in the right direction and at a good pace.  There’s not too much extra.  He answers questions and listening listens so far. Downside, he’s a little forgetful and don’t check his messages as much.  For the most part I can deal with that. I understand is a lot going on. 

In one week I’ve identified the want to be trainers or the know of alls, the technology challenged and the one that can’t keep up.  It can be annoying if you allow it to. Me,  I find it hilarious. 

So all in all, a fairly uneventful first week. Lots of practice,  lots of notes, a few quizzes and a certification.  Yes, we are on camera these eight weeks of training. No big deal.  It also means no electronics unless it’s an emergency, need it to log into a system or have to call help desk. Again, no problem,  I keep pen and paper and physical books.

What keeps me focused? Taking notes and doodling. Yes, I doodle or write out notes for my next project when I’m waiting.  Also gum, hard candy and snacks. I’m trying to change to more protein  type of snacks.  So that’s my week one for this specific line of business.

Training Work From Home

Some of you may know I work from home. In a previous blog I discussed the differences of training from home and in a retail setting. I’m about to complete an eight week training for a new line of business. During the series I will not tell you the specific company not the names of those in my class for privacy.

The first day is basically getting access to systems. What surprised me the most was how late we got the email with confirmation and class information. We got it literally the night before. And sent it to our personal emails. That in itself didn’t make sense because we are all internal. We got m hours that’s what matters most. The teams chat was created at the beginning of the week. Within two days I discovered the butt kisser and the haughty alpha.

The first two hours is almost always the same. Make sure everyone is there, even the last minute additions and send required photos. This normally takes the first hour. The second hour is usually the meet and greet. However, this time we pretty much just hung out. Am I complaining? Nope. I got a lot of stuff done while I was waiting. Yes, I was at my computer and waiting for instructions. Some had some issues that had to be worked through. We did get our basic systems up and completed some required trainings and still got out early. Again, I’m so not complaining.

This was a bit different than what I’ve been use to with this specific company over the course of a year and half. I don’t mind at all. Change is good. It keeps you moving and keeps your mind fresh. I’m excited to see how this specific trainer works. I like to learn from trainers and what they do best and worst.

I’ll be back next week with my week one event. This should be really interesting. What does your day one or equipment set up day looks like for your work from home job?

How I Relax

We all have very stressful moments in our lives.  We may not have stress everyday or all the time, but we have it.  It’s okay to have stress, but it’s about how we deal with those stressful moments. Everyone should have a way to release their stress.  Of course we would prefer it not be in a violet way.  I want to share with you some of the ways I deal with stress.  Remember this is me, not you.  You need to find what works for you.

  1. Reading – This is always a great go to for me.  What I read varies depending on my mood and what has me stressed. Typically when I read I’m all the way in the book if the author did a good job.
  2. Write – Writing allows me to say exactly what and how I’m feeling.
  3. Play a game on my phone – Shunting that doesn’t require thought is always best. Leave my mind blank.
  4. Craft Projects – Too many to name here. It could be something with my cricut or just painting.
  5. Sleep – This should have been #1. Enough said.
  6. Call a friend – Having someone to talk is always a great help.
  7. DND – There’s moments when not talking to anyone is best. I’ll quickly put my phone on DND if necessary.

This is a few ways I personally deal with stress. Just remember we are all different and will need to deal with it accordingly. How do you deal with stress. How do you relax??

Product Review (Samsung S22 Ultra)

So I recently purchased the new Samsung S22 Ultra phone. Yes, before you say anything, I’m all android and Samsung has been my go to for years!! That being said here’s my latest review.

I upgraded from the Samsung Note 10+ to this phone after about three years. There are many things I like and don’t like about this phone. Some of the dislikes were surprising. Others don’t bother me as much. One of my favorite things is the fact that it’s very similar to my Note and has a SPen. That’s always a deal breaker if it doesn’t have one because of a lot of the business work I do on my phone.

Speaking of work, the cameras on the phone is amazing. It takes great pictures and videos. As a professional photographer I love how I can use a lot of the same features on my phone on my camera. While I wouldn’t sell those pictures, it does make some great photos for my personal collection as well as practice in general.

The phone is a touch bigger than the Note 10+, but that’s not a huge factor for me personally. What does bother me is how quickly the battery dies, and even more so if you’re using it. On the flip side, it charges just as quickly. Before you ask, yes, I checked my settings, brightness, apps and everything. So I know that wasn’t the issue. Being that I know work from home it’s not a HUGE deal, but it can be an inconvience.

I also hate the fact that it doesn’t come with an actual charger. That’s right ya’ll. No charger. It just so happens that my Note charger is the same size. Yay me. It comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable which can be used for charging, IF you already have an adaptor. If you do great. If not, get one when you get your phone. I guess this is the new thing because someone bought a new iPhone and it didn’t have a charger either. She had to go back out and get one. STORE REPS, please take in consideration of your customers and let them know when they are in the store shopping or ordering over the phone with you. This is important!

For me this last one isn’t as huge, but it can be and probably is to a lot of people. The Spen will not stay connected. Why does that matter? Simple, if you use the air functions with the SPen, and the pen is disconnected, you won’t be able to those functions. It’s a lot of cool things the SPen can do, but it has be connected. Who really has time to keep reconnecting it when you JUST took it out? Fix it.

Overall rating: Decent phone, not as good as the Note’s but it’ll work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

A Them Problem

Yes, that’s what I said. That’s a them problem. So, I love to see people happy and have happy successful lives. Whatever your definition of success is, be happy. Being happy does not include tearing others down because you’re “happy” now. It means being genuinely happy about where you are in life. If you are not happy, do something about it and FIX it.

When I was younger I use to try to be a people pleaser. I use to think it was my fault when things didn’t work out. Like life, some ended quicker than others. One thing that I realized very quickly is the fact that it wasn’t all me. A lot of times it was them or the fact that we had no chemistry. More recently, let’s say the last 10 years, give or take, I’ve come to another conclusion. The last three years confirmed it. How so?

At this point I know what I want and what I’m looking for. The golden standard for me has risen greatly since I’ve left high school. I learned not to blame myself because they didn’t reach the mark. I’ve also learned not blame them when he wasn’t interested. I understand I’m not perfect, but this epiphany and realization is very clear. This isn’t a Mashawn problem. This is a Them problem. My standards are mine and there is no reason to lower them. Not at all. If it’s not what I want, then it’s not what I want. If you’ve been around long enough you have probably heard me say many times that there are things you can compromise with and others you can not compromise. That’s okay. What do I mean? I love tall fellas, at least 6ft. However, that can be compromised. While on the other hand, I don’t do smokers. This not comprisable. If you have things you can’t and will not compromise, guess what? That’s a THEM problem. Not a you problem. Or in my case, not a Mashawn Problem.

I was told I was acting angry or bitter. I promise you this, I’m not angry or bitter. Back in my 20’s you might have been able to say that. Now, nope, not at all. You have to care to get there. I know that sounds harsh, but when you show me who you really are, I believe it until you give me a reason not to. When you show me you’re selfish and self centered, I take that at face value and don’t add any more to it. I saw a TikTok a few months ago and all I could say is, “yes, finally some one who gets it!” The TikTok pretty much said that you don’t get involved with “POTENTIAL” you get involved with “NOW”. So If I want you, I like you for who you are now and not what you can be. Having potential and goals is good, very good, but what I see today will be the deciding factor. So, no, I’m not angry or bitter. Maybe a bit humored that you may think you/they garner that reaction. Other than that I feel nothing. Why? Again that’s a Them problem, not a Mashawn problem.

Things may not always be perfect, but that’s okay because I’m happy. I’m happy about where I’m at now and the things I’m accomplishing now.

Some things you may not know about me

I’m sure some of you may not know me very well.  That’s okay, things may change and we end knowing each other well.  Some of you may THINK you know me well, but not so much.  Others, everything on this list may not be new to you because you actually do know me.  Either way, enjoy and learn a little about me. 

  • I hate disloyal people. If I call you my friend, trust and believe I’ll go to bat for you. Loose my trust and be disloyal, we are done on all levels.
  • I love a good book, but when I read I notice all the errors like an English teacher.
  • I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t need glasses. Just started using computer glasses, mainly for work.
  • I worked in an elementary school in high school.
  • I Love kids, but don’t want to have one. Thinking of adopting.
  • I was never a huge fan of dogs, until all my friend’s dogs started loving in me all the time.
  • I’m a true introvert through and through. I force myself to be semi social and show some extrovert qualities.  
  • I like going to school.  I could be a professional student if I was getting paid to go to school.  Let me see if that’s a job.  I’m just saying. 
  • I study best with the TV on.  I would have to be something I’ve seen or don’t care about, but I tend to retain information better.  I know, that’s backwards, but I’ve tested it.  My mind wanders if it’s quiet.  
  • I go to sleep with the TV playing a movie or a TV series I’ve already seen.  This gives me time to practice my listening skills as I fall asleep.  Yes, sometimes I’ll hear things and open my eyes and rewind because I never caught that before while watching it.
  • I love tracing my family history when time permits.  Between me and my sister we have made pretty good headway on our family tree, especially on my mom’s side. I may need to pick some elders brains on my dad’s side for a few more details.
  • I can’t watch snakes on TV in any form, EXCEPT, anaconda.  Weird I know.  I also know they are just as real as any other snake.  That’s a discussion for another day.
  • I try to read every day, even if it’s just one chapter.  I’m currently at 396 days straight on my kindle and 120 weeks.  I’ve also read 28 books this year.  My goal was only 25.  I supposed to be taking a break.  Might take a break the second half of the year.  I’ll still read, but will probably be some hard copy books here and there and at least one or two days on my kindle per week to keep my weekly streak alive and start a new goal and challenge in January 2023.
  • I still hand write and mail snail mail letters.  I like doing that because it makes it more personable.  Plus I like to handwrite. 
  • I have a very active imagination.  So when I read I see it all as if I’m watching a movie, but I’m typically reading a book or something very descriptive.  If the author/writer wrote it well I should be able to see the characters and picture their actions as I’m reading. 
  • I’ve NEVER been drunk before.  Tipsy, yes, drunk, no.  My friends have tried many times with many techniques over the years, but I wouldn’t let it happen.