Waiting To Exhale

I’ve been wanting, or rather waiting to exhale for a minute.  I didn’t know the best way to do it.  Don’t worry, I don’t plan to be vicious.  I also won’t be calling out names, that’s never nice.  If you feel guilty, that’s probably means you are guilty.  I’m just saying.

So, some of you know I had total knee replacement surgery on September 4th.  Most of the people around me knew about that about a month before.  Trust me, I was counting down the days.  I was in so much pain, I was so ready for it.  So, what I don’t understand is people who act all surprised.  I don’t want a pity party, you don’t have to call, text or visit.  All that don’t bother me, it just shows me who’s real in my friends are and who’s not.

If you don’t text, call or visit, don’t act all concerned when you see me or see something I post because all of sudden you realize you haven’t seen me in a while. One thing I can’t stand is fake concern or caring.  No, I don’t expect or need my phone blowing up as I’m recovering (even tho it already is), however if you truly cared, I would have heard from you at some point.  I don’t need nor want fake friends or acquaintances in my circle.  I need true friends and business networking partners.  Even though I’m recovering I’m still reaching to those that are shut in.  Maybe I can’t drive just yet, but they know I care because I reach out to them, I ask questions to find out how they really are doing, because I really do.

My advice to everyone, if you have a friend, co-worker, or team member that will be down for a bit, don’t wait for them to contact you.  Show some genuine care and concern.  Reach out to them. Some of them may not have the care I have.  They  may actually need something or some help.   I know we all lead busy lives, but taking a few minutes so show you care (and not hindsight caring either).

I’ve just felt the need to share that. The need to exhale has been sitting with me for a few days.  Needed to have that exhale.