“Seductive Temptation” Cover Revel

Seductive Temptation Cover Reveal

Seductive Temptation is a limited edition collection of new, sexy BWWM romances, that will ignite your senses, and stimulate your deepest desires. Be prepared to be enamored with romantic tales that will leave you craving for more. This compilation is filled with alpha males and the bronze beauties they love.

Be warned, each story is a must-read tale that will tempt you to read long past your bedtime.

The stories in the collection are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!
Note: This collection contains content that is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Retain Me by Peyton Bank. “Attorney-client privileges has a whole new meaning…”

A Hero’s Love by Posey Parks. “Occasional hook-ups are what she proposed but I need more.”

Forever Harley’s by Elisabeth. “I want everyone to see how beautiful my girl is and for them to know they could never have her because she belongs to me.”

Pose For The Camera by Kiarra M. Taylor. “Two cover models, a series of sexy shoots, hands (and tongues) are bound to get…misplaced. Pose for the camera!”

Love Me Endlessly by Theresa Hodge. “He doesn’t share and neither does she.”

The Designer by ML Preston. “Measure twice, cut once is the saying. Where’d falling in love come from?”

Take Me Slow by Shani Greene-Dowdell. “If tonight is all we have, please take it slow.”

Karma by Donna R. Mercer. “He was a playboy used to getting any and every woman that he wanted until his date with…”

Dark Angel by Reana Malori. “Her beauty is the reason he wants her, but his darkness is what makes her stay.”

Summertime Sadness by L.B. Keen. “A memory of a kiss brings about a passion that she never expected.”

Roll the Dice by Janae Keyes. “One weekend to escape, and with the roll of the dice, I’m his to gamble.”

BX: The Boyfriend Experience by Sade Rena. “An experience that leaves her wishing he was her boyfriend.”

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“My Hobbies”

My top five hobbies!

  1. Photography.  I love photography for so many reasons.  You capture the moment in time.  I love looking back at what my parents looked like, how they dressed and everything.  I believe that our children’s’ children should be able to do the same thing.  The ease of creating a snapshot, or doing a short photo shoot is way too easy.  We shouldn’t be passing up chances to capture those memories in order to share with others and to look at in the future.  It’s great for those with memory illnesses too.  It helps with those memories.  I also like to help others build their self esteem and make them feel beautiful and confident.
  2. Reading. When you’re reading it takes me to another world.  It’s a time to read about other people’s lives and their drama.  It’s a stress relief.  Plus you learn.  I read all types of books.  Every book I think has something you can learn from the book.  Even though I maybe reading a fiction book, I still aim to take something away from it.  It keeps me sharp no matter what I’m reading.
  3. Writing Poetry.  Poetry is a serious stress releif for me.  You may not see as much right now because I’m adjusting that brand a bit.  Not to worry I’m still doing some behind the scenes writing.  Even though I maybe branching out to get into some novel writing, poetry is still my best vent avenue.
  4. Football.  Football is football!  I have always loved the sport.  Loved playing and watching.  I really love the energy some of the home team fans bring.  When you’re in the stadium, it gives me life!  That excitement just rolls through me.
  5. Traveling.  I love to see and do new things.  Being at a standstill is so out of the question.  I want to see the world and different cultures.  Being a military child I did get to see a lot of things.  Now, I want to see even more!  The excitement of a new place, new people, new things to see is just a great feeling.  When I tell you I can feel the excitement coursing through my veins when I travel, it be that serious!  When I travel, I travel to have fun.  I’m not going to be sitting in a corner mopping about.  I might go somewhere close to relax and chill but it’ll be for that purpose.  Otherwise, I’m out seeing the sites and capturing those memories.

Those are just five of my favorite hobbies.  What are your top five hobbies and why?

Book Review (Loving Montie)

Book Review

“Loving Montie” by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Hopefully you have read the first three “Breathless” books in the series.  If not, you should, you’re missing out.  Although this book is about Montie who is Destiny’s ex-husband, all the characters we love or love to hate is back in this one!!!  First let me say this, I’m soooo glad Montie found love!!!!!  While he wasn’t my favorite person, he wasn’t a bad person.  This book dug deep into Montie and showed you he really is.  Love really makes people go out their way.  For me, Montie went above and beyond to please Destiny.  While, personally, I think Destiny asked for WAY too much of Monte.

Shani took us back to “Secrets of a Kept Woman”.  Monte’s new love interest, Lissa, comes forward in this book.  We also get to see Shayla too.  Of course nothing is ever that simple.  Justine is in the picture too and continues to wreck havoc for all involved. I was glad Montie was able to push past her issues and the issues with Destiny and move on.  He didn’t get weak (at least not yet) and go back to Destiny and all her issues.

Overall this book was an excellent read.  A great continuation of the “Breathless” series.  For me it was a fast read.  Characters were real and showed great emotions.  Shani continues to get better.  Great job Shani!!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


My reading list for July is short and sweet!  I do encourge you to read the books.  If you’ve already read them then share your thoughts on them.


  • “Sometimes Love Comes Around” by Christie Murrell
  • 41U1tjYCnSL
  • “Sometimes Love Come Around 2” by Christie Murrell  Sometimes Love Comes Around 2
  • “Plain Jane” by Tamika Newhouse
  •  25464944
  • “Plain Jane 2” by Tamika Newhouse
  •  5154Mb2daIL._AC_US160_


These are our BOM for our book club.  (SBS Book Club).



“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” Review

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

“The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

by Shani Greene-Dowdell, Carla Pennington, and Theresa Hodge

This anthology made up of 3 stories was just that Wonderful.  The book started with Carla’s story titled “All I Want For Christmas” The story was about Melissa and Dorian and how they were able to make Christmas magical.  I like how she gave Melissa a real life decision to make when dealing with the ex and the new guy.  She told a story that had you rooting for the Dorian.  That was romance to the fullest extent possible.

Shani followed up with her story “Make A Soulful Noise”.  The story was adapted from the stage play she wrote last holiday season with the same title.  I was not disappointed either by reading the story of Mariya and Donnie.  Mariya’s teenage heart was just touching.  It started off on Christmas Eve and ended on Christmas day 10 years later with the mother/wife, Rain returns to the picture.  Donnie allows you to explore his rollar coaster emotions with his ex-wife, Rain, and new woman and how to move on.  If you haven’t seen the stage play, you should!

Theresa rounded out the anthology with her story called “A Jenny’s Christmas”.    She tells a tale of Jenny and her long time friend Braxton.  Jenny’s last name “Christmas” alone lets you know it’s going to be a romantic story.  As their romance developed you were given the chance to see just how much childhood friends could become a lasting couple.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories that centered around Christmas and finding love during “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.  A great read, not just during the holidays, but year round.  Go ahead and download your copy today.

Interview With Author Pynk

Author Pynk was our author for the month of December.  We read her books “Erotic City: Miami” and “Erotic City: Las Vegas”.  Pynk is based in Atlanta, GA.  This was my online interview with her.

1. What is your name and/or pen name?

My name is Marissa Monteilh (Mon-tay), but I write erotica under PYNK. I also write novels under two pen names that will be announced in 2015.

2. What type of books do you write?

I write women’s fiction and erotica, and I’m venturing into interracial romance.

3. What does your writing process look like?

I prefer to write late mornings until late afternoon. Early mornings are reserved for emails, marketing, etc.. Early evenings I nap. Once I’ve come up with an idea that moves me to no end, I develop a plot. Then I write a short synopsis. I develop the characters by writing character resumes, and then I write a 30 chapter outline as my roadmap. The outline can be as long as twenty pages. I then take a blank document and add the 30 chapter headings. I consider each chapter a scene. I then tackle whichever scene I’m in the mood for. It doesn’t even have to be sequential. This can take anywhere from two months to six months. My rewrites take a few months as well.

4. Do you have any strange writing habits?

Not necessarily strange writing habits, but I do have writing necessities. I must have an outline, I have to write in complete silence (not even music), I prefer to set a goal before I sit down and I try not to get up until I meet it, I prefer to write on my desktop, in my office, at home (not at a coffee shop or airport). Oh, also, I prefer to use a mouse. Okay, maybe that is strange.

5. What authors inspired you to write?

Terry McMillan showed me through her writing that there are people out here who look, and think, and act like me. She inspired me to try my hand at writing back in 1998. Her stories seemed so real to me that I believed I could create characters who could live out loud like hers did. That was my goal. So I sat down to give it a try and ended up with a major book deal two years later.

6. What do you consider your best accomplishment?

My best accomplishment is that I published my granddaughter’s book called Bailey and the Bully. To be able to publish her story using my knowledge and experience has been the icing on the cake of my career.

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself retired, looking back and seeing that my book-babies are still entertaining readers. Yet I know that a bit of me, deep down in my soul, will be itching to create a new document of 30 chapters based upon some idea or title that I dreamed up. By then, I’ll hope that I’ll talk myself out of it before my characters talk me into it.

8. What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

My least favorite part of the writing process is getting to the point where I have 3/4 of the first draft done, yet I find that things have changed from my outline because the characters have driven the story, not me, and I must tie it all in before the next phase. Filling in those gaps and blending in those unexpected transitions is tough. But after that, it’s smooth sailing.

9. Is there one subject you’ll never write about? What is it and why?

I’ll never write about horror (I never go to see horror movies, I’m a chicken) or westerns or medieval romance. I like contemporary stories that focus on relationships and family.

10. How many books have you written?

I have written thirteen titles under Marissa Monteilh, seven under PYNK, and so far, one interracial romance under a pen name, so a total of 21.

11. When you write, how is your writing atmosphere?

My writing atmosphere is completely quiet. I sit at my desk and I face a window (in case I need to look out and further envision my characters). I usually have a bottle of water and a bowl of fruit on nearby. Later in the day, maybe even a glass of wine.

12. How long have you been writing?

I stared writing in 1998, so nearly seventeen years.

13. What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m finishing up my second, non-fiction ghost writing project, and I am very proud of it.

14. What suggestions do you have for new authors?
New authors: Keep writing, study the craft, be willing to do your own promotion, develop a tough skin, and be patient.

8 Favorite Writers


(Not in any specific order)

1. Shani Greene-Dowdell — She’s a local author that is always striving to do even better.  Her books have drama and a taste of erotica that’s not overwhelming in either department.  She also masters using local areas in her book to help readers really get the full picture.

2. Eric Jermone Dickey — He grabs your attention from the start and keeps it through the book.  When he does action, oh boy, it is action packed.  When he ventures into erotica, can we STEAMY, cross your legs steamy!!!  He just keeps getting better and better too.

3. Carl Weber — If you like drama, then he’s your author.  He takes events from real life and turn it into books.  That I can see because the drama be so real.  You either love or hate the characters in his stories.

4. James Patterson — I love the action pace of his books.  His chapters aren’t extensively long either.  Makes for a fast and exciting read.  Once you start a series you won’t want to stop until it’s finished.

5. Beverly Jenkins — Her historical romance be on point.  I’m not a true history buff, but I do enjoy some history.  She ties in history and romance very well.

6. Linda Howard — I’ve drifted away from romance, but her books were what got me back into reading after my big gap after high school.  She has a well rounded blend of romance and erotica.  Her older work has some awesome historical romance as well.

7. Marissa Monteilh — I just love her books.  It doesn’t matter if it’s her drama books or her erotic books under the name Pynk.  She keeps you on your toes.  She’s another author that uses a lot of local places too to keep readers grounded.

8. Brenda Jackson — She is an awesome romance writer. When I need romance books to read, then she’s one of the ones I look into getting.

What are some of your favorite authors and why?