Before the Internet

Once upon a time there was life before the internet. Yes I know, ya’ll millennial children don’t really know any thing about that. Those GenX and Baby Boomers and beyond know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, even for us, sometimes we sit and say “How did we ever survive before the internet?” You know what? We did! We still had fun. Today I want to talk about some of the things we did before the internet. Are you with me? Great. Let’s get this party started!

  • Before there were Kindles and other reading devices and phones to read on, we read books. Yes physical books were in our hands. We turned real pages instead of digital ones. Yes, it was heavier to travel with, but we did.
  • Before texting we were calling our friends on the phone, going to their house or playing outside. Even the first cell phones didn’t have texting. Yes it’s true. If our friends were not local and long distance, we wrote letters not emails. Took longer to receive, but the joy was so much worth it.
  • Before Google, Siri and Alexa there was the Library. When we did reports or needed information we went to the library. Even when you went to the library you had to know how to find the book you needed, not just type it in a search box. In some cases we may have had your own encyclopedias at home which helped out a great deal, at least for me it did. When I got tired of going to the stuffy library I went to a book store. We couldn’t look information up online like we do now.
  • Before Google search to find phone numbers you had to pull out the big yellow phone book and go through the yellow pages. You made sure you had one or two in the house at all times. When the new one came you knew the schools will be asking for donations next to recycle. See how long it takes to find business information! Fun times!
  • Before Google search, yes again, there was the 411 information line. You dial 411 to get a business phone number. Better write it down because they charge for direct connection.
  • Before the fancy phones that allows you to save phone numbers online you had to keep a phone book or memorize the numbers. If we were arrested today most of us maybe in trouble because we may only know one number. Don’t forget the little black book the players use to have!
  • Before there was Napster and the current downloading engines on our phones, to get new music you had to buy the tape, record, or whatever was in at the time and listen to the whole thing. With the invention of cassette tapes you can record from the radio (if you caught it in time) or from another tape.
  • Before notifications and breaking news alerts you got your news from TV on the news or through daily news papers.
  • Before Netflix, VUDU, and fire sticks there was video stores. You either bought the VHS from a store or rented one from the video store. It was like the library, you had a card to rent movies for a specific period of time. Who remembers Blockbuster, Video Warehouse and Movie Gallery???
  • Before DVR, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services there was no watching your show later. You watched it when it aired, or when VHS began recording you could record it in hopes that the person you asked liked you enough to remember to do it on time.
  • Before Verizon Maps, Google Maps or map quest, there were actual paper/plastic maps and you could buy them in books too. Who remembers highlighting your route?? Thank you GPS!
  • Before direct deposits there were paper checks. You either went to get your payroll check from your job or it was mailed to you, then you had to physically go to the bank to cash it or deposit it. There was no scanning the check on your phone app either.
  • Before cell phones there were pay phones. Yes you had to put change in the phone to make a call. That forced you to keep change on you just in case. Hope you had that phone book we talked about or memorized the number or you’ll be flipping through the white pages of the phone book in the booth.

Did you enjoy that list? What did you do before the internet?